The Domaine du Jasson

The Domaine du Jasson, set up in 1867, is a family-run wine- and olive-producing company situated in La Londe-les-Maures on the south coast of France facing the Islands of Hyères. It enjoys a micro-climate influenced by the waters of the Mediterranean. Since 1990 Pierre Carra has been planting new olive trees, with the most recent dating from 2013.

Our olive oils

  • The AOC Designation : Olive Oil Provence
  • The HOF Designation : Olive Oil France
  • The Brand Name ‘Agrulive’

Citrus Fruits

The Domaine du Jasson also grows citrus fruits: Yuzu, Kumquat, Pomelo, Combawa …

Our opening hours are

1st June to 30th September

Monday to saturday
9am – 12
and 3pm – 7pm

1st October to 31st May

Monday to friday
9am – 12
and 2pm – 6pm

9am – 12