Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits hail originally from SE Asia where cultivation in the East dates from the 4th Millenium BC. Since then they have become the most popularly grown fruit in the world, highly appreciated for their medicinal properties, their taste and their perfume. By order of arrival in Europe the citron group comes first, followed by the lemon, the bitter orange, the orange and finally the mandarine orange.

On the Domaine du Jasson, the less hardy citrus fruits are planted in greenhouses and the more hardy outdoors.

Our modest collection includes:

  • yuzu
  • kumquat
  • pomelo Ruby Star
  • combawa / kaffir lime
  • citron group :
    • corsica
    • hand of buddha
  • andarines :
    • satsuma
    • blidah
  • oranges and hybrids :
    • bitter orange
    • Seville bitter orange
    • citrus eremorange
  • lemons :
    • Eureka Lemon
    • Tahiti Lime
    • Mexican Lime
    • Caviar Lemon
    • Galet or Pebble Lemon
    • La Vallette Lemon
    • Meyer Lemon
    • Bergamot Lemon
    • Sweet Brazilian Lemon
    • Calamansi

A visit to the Domaine will reveal the interesting story of citrus fruit production.

Fresh fruit produce, along with conserves and aromatic oils (our famous ‘Agrulives’) are sold directly to the public.