The Domaine du Jasson, set up in 1867, is a family-run wine- and olive-producing company situated in La Londe-les-Maures on the south coast of France facing the Islands of Hyères. It enjoys a micro-climate influenced by the waters of the Mediterranean. Since 1990 Pierre Carra has been planting new olive trees, with the most recent dating from 2013.

Olive Production

Former vines have given way to a fully operational olive plantation of over 3900 trees across 19 hectares of land. Five olive varieties have been selected to suit local conditions : principally Aglandau, followed by Bouteillan, Cayon, Picholine and Grossane des Baux.

We have adopted environmentally-friendly practices, conscious of the unique landscape surrounding us. Regular attention to the soil facilitates mechanical weeding and natural microbial activity. This in turn makes for organic composting and fertiliser. To control olive fly we administer white clay (kaolinite), a protective mineral barrier used in biological agriculture.

Pruning is undoubtedly the most important stage in olive growing and ensures good quality and good quantity control. It is bound by the strictures of the Provence AOC Olive Oil Code. Cuttings are shredded and left at the foot of the olive trees to enhance composting and as a defence against soil erosion.

Harvesting for the AOC France oil begins in early October and from 1st November for the AOC Provence oil. Traceability of the entire process from olive to oil is ensured by computer software programming.

The Oil Mill

Committed to producing high quality olive oil, we have adopted modern rapid elaboration techniques. The freshly gathered olives reach our mill in less than 4 hours. Our equipment, the continuous-chain RAPANELLI machine, has an output capacity of 1200kg per hour. It consists of a leaf-remover, a washing component, a shredder, a horizontal centrifugal separator and finally a vertical centrifugal separator. Taste and product stability are thus guaranteed. We place our services and experience at the disposal of customers wishing to have their own olives ground on our premises.