The AOC Designation : Olive Oil Provence

We have held the AOC Designation for Olive Oil Provence since 2007 (14th March Decree). It covers four French Departments : Le Var, Les Bouches du Rhône, Les Alpes de Haute Provence and le Vaucluse. The oil from these terroirs is a mixture of at least 2 of the 4 principal varieties, the Aglandau, Bouteillan, Cayon and Salonenque. Certain secondary varieties are recognised, such as the Picholine and Grossane. However, a minimum of 24% Aglandau olive tree dominance is obligatory in the olive
grove as a whole.

A strict code applies to density of plantation, pruning, irrigation, grove maintenance, quantity per hectare and quality control. Similar but less stringent standardisation applies to aromatic oil production. This guarantees the consumer of AOC Provence oils certified place of origin and assured aroma quality.

In the Domaine du Jasson the approach is to offer a characteristically strong fruity green olive oil with flavours of artichoke, slightly bitter in taste, with a fine sharp hint of peppers leaving a protracted and pronounced aftertaste on the palate.

The HOF Designation : Olive Oil France

Since single-variety olive oil is impossible under the designation AOC Provence, we use the logo HOF, Olive Oil France, for some of our oils.

The richness of our olive grove and the character of the soil in La Londe allow us in fact to produce fruity-green single-variety olive oils which are very complex in aroma, for example the Bouteillan variety, which produces a deep green oil with slight green tomato and green apple hints, or the Cayon variety, with Golden Delicious apple and ripe tomato hints.

Since 2015 we have taken special pride in the production of oil from ‘matured olives’, with fermentation temperature control. This results in olive oil with autumnal notes, a decided black olive taste and mushroom or red glacé fruit aromas recalling flavours of bygone days.

The Brand Name ‘Agrulive’


‘Agrulives’ are novelty brand oils produced by the unique combination of our olives and citrus fruits. They pass through the presses together, to ensure that citrus fruit essence is dissolved directly into the oil. As a result the agrulive oil wonderfully reflects all the aromatic richness of our citrus fruit.

‘Agrulive’ is a registered trademark.

Lime or Lime of Tahiti Agrulive : exotic lemony and slightly peppery notes, goes well with octopus salad or simple grilled red mullet.

Combawa Agrulive : citronella and ginger notes, ideal on rare-cooked tuna or cured shrimp.

Hand of Buddha Agrulive : lemony notes, strengthened by a hint of mandarine zest, ideal with crepes or veal escalope.

Mandarine Agrulive : strong nostalgic childhood mandarine notes, ideal topping for fruit salads (strawberry or raspberry) garnished with a few mint leaves.